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Accident Mediation Attorneys

McBell Personal Injury Lawyers

Overview :

Mediation is important in a personal injury because of the length, the cost, and the stress of a case for when an injury case goes to trial. Often, insurance companies don’t want to risk losing a much larger judgment, and the injury victims want to get something, as opposed to nothing if they lose. This is where personal injury mediation can be helpful.

The expense of mediation is split between the two sides, which can get worked out with the settlement you get from the insurance company. In a mediation, both sides display the facts and evidence, as well as the pertinent details and the issues from the accident. Then, an unbiased mediator will go back and forth to help the parties arrive at a settlement amount that everyone can live with.

Our personal injury law firm is highly experienced at negotiating the highest possible settlements in a mediation scenario, and we will work tirelessly to present the best possible case before taking what is sometimes an unnecessary risk of going to trial. But ultimately, we’ll be there to help you make the decision that is right for you and your family.

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