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Overview :

Suffering from a severe burn injury is a grievous event that can have a significant mental and physical impact. Burns are among the most painful types of injuries and victims are sometimes left with permanent scars even after surgical intervention. In addition to the immense pain, some burn victims may also deal with blistering, swelling, infections, scarring, and death. Those with serious burns in visible areas may be left with highly visible scars that can cause serious social and emotional problems for its victims. Due to the nature of this injury, many victims face the effects of their affliction in the mirror daily. 

Major burn injuries can be extremely upsetting for the survivor as well as for family and friends. Victims may have feelings of depression or anxiety following the burn injury, which is a common emotion to experience after a traumatic event.

Each year in the United States, 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention, according to the CDC and the American Burn Association. Approximately 50,000 of these burns require hospitalization, and 20,000 victims have major burns involving at least 25 percent of their total body surface. The American Burn Association also reports that approximately 486,000 fire or burn injuries were seen at emergency departments between 2011 and 2015. 

The attorneys at McBell Law are dedicated to protecting your rights and holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. When an individual or party makes a decision and you are left to deal with the lasting effects, the lawyers at McBell Law make sure your side of the story is told. 

At McBell Law, we obtain fair compensation for our clients who have been injured as a result of a serious burn, which includes compensation for both the physical and non-physical damages associated with a burn injury.

Common Causes of Burns

From scorching liquids to hot objects to electrical shock and chemical contact, there are a variety of hazards that you may come in contact with that can lead to a burn injury. 


    1. Thermal. Thermal burns are burns due to external heat sources such as flames, exposure to heat, and other hot objects that raise the temperature of the skin and tissues. Prolonged exposure to hot metals, flames from matches, candles, lighters, and gas explosions are classified as thermal burns.  
    2. Scalds. Scalds are caused by boiling water or other hot liquids. The liquids can include water from a tub, faucet, cooking oil that splatters, or from an overturned pot on the stove. Scald burns can also result from steam.
    3. Electrical. Electrical burns derive from electricity. This type of burn occurs when electricity comes in contact with your body. When high-energy currents travel through your body, it can potentially damage tissues and organs. Electrical burns can be caused by a number of sources such as defective products, lightning, stun guns, connection with household currents, and faulty wall outlets.
    4. Chemical. Chemical burns are caused by volatile chemicals, corrosive substances, and untested chemical combinations. When an irritant such as an acid or base touches your skin, it can produce injuries to your skin, eyes, mouth, or internal organs if swallowed. Strong acids, alkalis, detergents, lye, or solvents can also lead to chemical burns. Chemical burns are also referred to as caustic burns.
    5. Explosions. Explosive burns are burns caused by car accidents, industrial/construction site accidents, nuclear power plants, or accidents in the home. Explosions can be the result of a product defect, flawed gas line, gas heater, or gas stove. Propane tank explosions can also be a common source of injury for victims. 

If you have endured a thermal, scald, electrical, chemical, or explosive burn, call McBell Law so that we can start your investigation as soon as possible.


Types of Burns and Treatment

There are three primary types of burns and each degree is contingent upon the severity of skin and tissue damage. First degree burns, also known as superficial burns, are usually the mildest compared to other burn levels. They cause pain, non blistering, reddening of the outer skin. First degree burns can be treated at home and may take 7-10 days to heal. You can soak the wound in cool water, take over the counter medicine for pain relief, antibiotic ointment, or apply aloe vera gel to help soothe your skin. 


Second degree burns are more serious and painful because the damage affects both the outer layer and lower layer of the skin. Commonly referred to as partial thickness burns, this burn type causes the skin to blister, have redness, and produces swelling. Second degree burns may be treated with an antibiotic cream or ointment prescribed by a doctor. You can also soak your damaged skin in cool running water for 15 minutes. Recovery may take longer than 3 weeks to heal and you may also experience pigment changes to the skin. 


Of the three primary burn classifications, Third degree and Fourth degree burns are considered to be the most severe. This burn type goes through the skin and can have detrimental effects on deeper tissue, muscles, and bones. Third degree burns result in white, blackened, or charred skin while the outcome of fourth degree burns includes damaged or destroyed nerve endings. Third degree and fourth degree burns may require most intensive treatments such as IV antibiotics, IV fluids, and skin grafting. 


With any burn level, it is recommended to refrain from using ice as it may make the damage worse. Never apply cotton balls to your burn; the small fibers may stick to your wounds which can increase the risk of infection. It is important to always consult a medical professional if you have experienced bodily harm and injury caused by burns.

If You’ve Been Suffered From A Burn Injury in Texas, Call Your Favorite Attorneys At McBell Law Today.

The underlying liability issues in burn cases can be extremely complex and hard to manage alone. The attorneys at McBell Law are familiar with the severity of these types of cases, and have the experience needed to assist clients recover damages. If you or a member of your family have endured a burn injury as a result of a persons’ negligence or reckless actions, we can help!

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